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Visiting Nurse Health System | Hospice Atlanta is in the process of changing its electronic medical records (EMR) to Homecare Homebase, which will provide streamlined, automated processes using cloud-based software. We are implementing this new system for two reasons: 1) to assist with recruiting and retaining quality staff, and, 2) to improve our clinical outcomes with evidence-based pathways. Using innovative technology with tablets and smartphones, our nurses will provide the best care with the tools needed to do their jobs to satisfaction.

Whether you’re a college graduate or a career changer, you’ve probably noticed that healthcare as an industry presents enormous employment opportunities. In fact, nursing tops the list of careers most in demand. It’s no surprise, our aging population is growing exponentially – baby boomers turn 70 at the rate of 10,000 a day.

“Social Workers Stand Up!”, the national campaign launched to recognize Social Work Month, is intended to raise awareness about an often-misunderstood profession. Unless you’ve worked directly with a Social Worker, you may not realize what a wealth of resources and guidance one professional can contribute – all in the interest of “standing up” for those in need.