Pet Peace of Mind

Pet Peace of Mind

Training brings care home for four-legged family members

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Hospice Atlanta is a whole-family support system and to many people, pets are very much part of the family.The idea that a loved pet companion can’t be cared for or may be left homeless is crushing for someone who is terminally ill. That’s why Hospice Atlanta partnered with the Pet Peace of Mind™ program, a national, nonprofit organization that trains our hospice volunteers on how to bring care and comfort to hospice family pets.

With this valuable training, our volunteers can help a patient or family by walking a pet, taking it to the vet or groomer, delivering food and medications for the pet, even changing litter boxes. It brings great peace of mind that the four-legged family member will be always cared for. And for those pets who will not have a home once their owners are gone, our volunteers are well-versed with information about options and adoption agencies.

Learn How We Care For A Hospice Patient’s Pet