Private Home Care Services

Private Home Care Services

Visiting Nurse Private Home Care concentrates on activities of daily living, those things that allow all of us to remain independent and in our homes.


Visiting Nurse Private Home Care Services

Visiting Nurse Private Home Care Services allows seniors and disabled individuals to remain in their homes and communities, offering the assistance they need and giving family members peace of mind, with the knowledge that their loved one has the companionship and stimulation from a trained home care professional.

Live-in Senior Care

  • 24-Hour Care
    Visiting Nurse Private Home Care will assist seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the day and night. This service is beneficial for loved ones who also work and take care of younger children as well.
  • Overnight Assistance
    Seniors and individuals with disabilities may have an established caregiver during the day but still require additional help with things like toileting throughout the night. Our Private Home Care team can be there overnight providing exceptional care.
  • Caregiver Respite
    Are you a caregiver in need of short-term relief? Our Private Home Care Services will provide caregivers with the break they need.

Personal Care

  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming
    Visiting Nurse Private Home Care will help seniors and individuals with disabilities with all aspects of personal hygiene from showering, toileting, dental care, moisturizing, shaving, hair care, and dressing. We can come as often as requested: daily, weekly, or any time in between.
  • Dressing
    When aging and living with a disability every day tasks like getting dressed in the morning can be a challenge for some. For that reason, our Private Home Care Services can assist with dressing and planning your outfits for the week. Furthermore, we can coordinate everything and hang it according to the day of the week with all of the essentials: underwear, shoes and accessories.
  • Medication
    The primary caregivers of our Private Home Care Services are CNAs and can hand medicines to you each day to take. Our nurses can organize your medicine if necessary.
  • Exercise
    We will help you do your physical therapy exercises as well as walk with you. Sometimes clients need to go to a facility to use a pool or gym—the Visiting Nurse Private Home Care team is delighted to help.
Are you a senior or an individual with a disability
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Household Services

  • Meal Preparation and Planning
    At Visiting Nurse we want to provide everyone we serve with healthy diet options. With our Private Home Care Services, we will prepare anything that you would like to eat. Together we can discuss your favorite foods, plan meals even grocery shop for you. If you have dietary restrictions (doctor ordered, religious related, vegetarian or allergies etc.) be sure to make this known and we will accommodate you.
  • Light Housework/Chore Services 
    Everyone deserves to live in a clean and safe space. With Private Home Care we will assist with light cleaning tasks such as changing your linen, washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom with the clients desired cleaning supplies. If you would like for us to shop for household items, we are happy to do so. In addition, we can not only do your laundry but we can also fold, hang and iron your clothes if desired.
  • Laundry Services
    Doing laundry regularly can be a daunting task for everyone but especially for seniors. Utilizing our laundry services allows our clients one less thing to worry about because we will wash, dry and fold all your washable items.
  • Pets 
    Visiting Nurse Private Home Care is pet-friendly—we can feed your pet. We know pets serve as great companions for seniors and individuals with disabilities. If you’re scheduled for a neighborhood walk you can bring your dog along as well.


  • Appointments, Errands and Events 
    Being on time to medical appointments and other commitments is important. Visiting Nurse Private Home Care offers senior transportation services to important appointments, church, community events, errands and more. We will take you wherever you would like to go as long as it doesn’t pose any danger. We will drop off a client if requested but your safety is our priority.
  • Out-of-Town Travel
    Planning out-of-town travel can be stressful when considering seniors and individuals with disabilities. With our Private Home Care Services we can go with our client so that they don’t miss any special moments life has to offer. We have even gone to weddings, vacations, and school activities.
  • Activity Planning 
    At Visiting Nurse, we want all of our clients to live social lives. There are many activities around in the Atlanta community for people of all ages. We are delighted to research such activities and take you.

Additional Care Options

  • Wound Care 
  • Trach Care 
  • Feeding tubes 
  • IVs and injections 
  • Ostomy Care

Visiting Nurse offers a wide-range of services for your loved one at home. If you or a loved one is considering any Visiting Nurse Private Home Care Services please call 404-658-5800 for more information.