Camp STARS brings individuals and families together for a three-day healing experience.

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Registration for November 6-8, 2020 will be open after March 2020 camp has concluded.

The loss of a loved one can be hard on all family members, as well as others who were a part of the person’s life.  Adults and children can have difficulty navigating the grief that naturally comes with a death, or they just want a safe space to share their grief journey. That’s why Hospice Atlanta founded Camp STARS (Sharing Together As Real Support) in 1994 which was the first bereavement camp of its kind in Georgia. The three-day camp is set on a gorgeous 300-acre campus where individuals can feel the peace and safety of expressing their emotions with others who are in a similar situation and share many of the same strong feelings.

The camp is staffed by experienced, nurturing counselors, social workers, chaplains and trained volunteers who guide everyone through the grieving process. It’s a chance to let go for the weekend, bond with family members, and make new friends. There are plenty of opportunities for enlightenment, spirituality, learning and just plain fun.

Camp STARS is located at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia and takes place in November each year. There are comfortable, homey cabins, gathering areas and classroom-like settings, all surrounded by an abundance of peace and nature. The only cost is a minimal administrative fee which covers registration for each person that is registered under one family (individuals determine who is in their family unit). Families/individuals can attend regardless of their ability to pay, and they did not have to be in the care of Hospice Atlanta. It’s all made possible by the generosity of The Junior League of Atlanta, the Cardinal Rock Charitable Foundation, and other community donations.


Upcoming Camp STARS Dates:

Camp STARS (weekend camp) – November 6-8, 2020 at Camp Twin Lakes, Rutledge, GA – Registration will be open after March 2020 camp concludes.

For questions, please contact Deana Porter at or call (404) 869-3072. 

Registration for November 2020 will be open after March 2020 camp has concluded.

Photos from Camp STARS