75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

Dr. Martin Luther King
Celebrating 75 Years of Access to Healthcare For All!

“It’s all about how much you care.”

Beverly Roberts, RN, Visiting Nurse Palliative Care Coordination Coach


Equal Access to Healthcare for All

Founded in 1948 on the belief that everyone deserves fair and equal access to healthcare, regardless of their circumstances or zip code, today our 450 employees travel more than a million miles a year in Metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We are the safety-net for low-income patients and provide charitable care with the help of our philanthropic community. Together, we deliver nearly 9,000 charitable care visits each year. However, with the growth of Georgia’s aging and underserved population, the need for support has never been greater.

There is a growing need for healthcare and aging services at home.

  • Georgia’s fastest growing population is 65 and older.
    • Nearly 11% of seniors in Georgia live in poverty.
    • 75% of our patients are seniors and 40% live in poverty.
  • Families and businesses experience the economic impact of caregiving.
    • 30% of caregivers leave their job due to caregiving responsibilities.
    • Many caregivers suffer loss of wages.
    • 60% of employee caregivers encounter disruption at work.

Our Care Continuum

Visiting Nurse brings care into the home through our doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, chaplains, and nursing assistants. Through our collaborative healthcare partnerships, patients receive what they need to have the best quality of life at home. We coordinate care for our patients to provide services they need, including meals, transportation, daily living support, urgent and primary care at home. Healthcare education also is an important part of our delivery of care as we ensure that our patients and their caregivers receive the information needed for optimal patient outcomes.

Celebrating 75 Years of Access to Healthcare For All!

Our Funding Priorities

Charitable Care Program

Our mission is to provide access to healthcare for all people. Approximately 75% of the patients we serve are seniors and about 40% of them live in poverty. We provide healthcare at home to the largest low-income population. About 95% of each dollar raised supports uninsured and under-insured patient care. With the help of our community, we deliver nearly 9,000 charitable care visits each year. The need is much greater as Georgia’s fastest growing population are seniors.

Telehealth Program

Insurance does not pay for the services of telemonitoring for home healthcare and yet it is proven to reduce hospital readmissions. Our three-year program launch will allow us to serve nearly 5,000 critically ill patients with a diabetic or cardiac diagnosis. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of care. We will partner with area hospitals to transition patients to home. Our nurses will provide patients with essential equipment and training so that there is 24/7 telemonitoring. Due to cost savings using telehealth we expect the program to become sustainable after the three-year roll out of the program.

Bereavement Program

We provide a year-long comprehensive free Bereavement Program for our patients, their families, and our community as we know the importance of dealing with the loss of a loved one and the negative consequences when grief is not addressed. Our program began in 1975 with the launch of our Hospice Atlanta division. In 1994 we launched Camp STARS, a family bereavement camp. Throughout the year individuals and families find hope through virtual and in-person events. Our referrals come from schools, churches, past participants, and hospice families who have benefited from our care.

End-of-Life Doulas

A growing need is to have full time Doulas available to support our Hospice Atlanta Program as Doulas offer counseling and other nonmedical services to help a dying person and their loved ones during their final days.

Impacting The Lives of Those We Serve

We are honored to be here today, having cared for Georgians for the past 75 years, and to be given the privilege to continue to impact millions of lives. Our Annual Impact Reports reflect the incredible efforts it takes to provide quality care, while navigating the many challenges and changes that occur in our healthcare landscape.

Annual Impact Reports

Your Solution to Healthcare and Aging Services, In Your Home

We are grateful to be your solution to healthcare and aging services, in your home. If you choose to be cared for in the comfort of your home, just call us, we can help. We invite you to count on us, Visiting Nurse Health System, Georgia’s oldest provider of health and hospice care in the home.

For more information, please call (404) 215-6000.

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