Hospice Atlanta Benefits

Hospice Atlanta Benefits

Getting the most from your Hospice Atlanta experience.

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The right time to move a loved one into hospice care is different for every family and every situation is, of course, unique. But the criteria are usually met when someone has a life-limiting illness. Generally, the patient is no longer seeking curative treatment and has a life expectancy of less than six months. When in this situation, it’s better to move to hospice sooner, rather than later, so the patient and the family can take full advantage of the benefits of this very helpful and specialized care.

Reduce hospital time. Reduce family stress.

Once you begin hospice care, the time your loved one spends in the hospital may be reduced and the sooner they can be brought back to the safety and comfort of their own home, surrounded by friends and family. Hospice Atlanta staff are experts in controlling pain and symptoms which helps the patient feel better, longer. The patient can participate more in decision making and advanced directives before they may be too compromised to do so. And your loved one and your whole family can solidify relationships with your hospice team.

With Hospice Atlanta on your side, the stress your family feels will also be greatly lessened because so much support and information will be provided. You’ll not only get medical assistance, everyone involved will have spiritual and emotional guidance from a compassionate and experienced hospice team.

Your family’s needs are covered. And so are your benefits.

It makes a lot of sense to make the hospice decision early. And know, that whenever you decide the time is right, hospice care is paid for by Medicare and most insurance plans. Find out more here.

Hospice Atlanta is a trusted resource for you. If you want more information about evaluating your unique situation, email us or call (404) 869-3000.