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National Volunteer Week, a week of volunteer appreciation, is April 15-21, 2018. While we’re appreciative of our volunteers each and every day, it is a nice time to give them a special spotlight. One of our volunteers, Dana P. Joffe, wrote a lovely story about volunteering with Hospice Atlanta’s Camp STARS, a family bereavement camp. Thank you Dana for all you do.

Hospice is a religious experience for many patients and their families. Those of the Jewish faith, however, may wonder if hospice is supported by their religious traditions. While patients in hospice care are physically and emotionally prepared in accordance to their religious beliefs for the natural end of life process, one might ask: Is hospice care the right choice for someone of the Jewish faith?

As we flock to the homes of loved ones this holiday season, many of us will see our families for the first time in weeks or even months. A part of you must wonder how your elderly parent or family member looks compared to the last time you were together. Have they aged much? Do they act any differently? Perhaps one of your biggest fears is coming home and noticing a loved one has trouble remembering things, like turning off the stove.