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Rounding the Corner to Homecare Homebase

Visiting Nurse Health System | Hospice Atlanta is in the process of changing its electronic medical records (EMR) to Homecare Homebase, which will provide streamlined, automated processes using cloud-based software. We are implementing this new system for two reasons: 1) to assist with recruiting and retaining quality staff, and, 2) to improve our clinical outcomes with evidence-based pathways. Using innovative technology with tablets and smartphones, our nurses will provide the best care with the tools needed to do their jobs to satisfaction.

By Home Health Providers for Home Health Providers

Started by home care experts, Homecare Homebase offers solutions made for nurses and clinicians in the field. Clinicians have access to a patient’s clinical picture (including vital signs and order history) at their fingertips. Home health and hospice offer challenges unique to healthcare providers, and we are proud to implement a system made by home healthcare providers for home healthcare providers.

Our nurses are excited for updated efficient workflows, which will allow for more time to build patient relationships. Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta’s Director of Information Technology, Deborah Gilkey, details how clinics have prepared: “Our Homecare Homebase Implementation Team has spent the last two weeks working side-by-side with our Homecare Homebase consulting team to review and redefine our Home Health and Hospice processes. So many times during these meetings, after seeing what Homecare Homebase can do to build efficiencies and remove redundant processes, the group has actually cheered on our consultant. Homecare Homebase is not just a new EMR system; it’s a new and more exciting way to attain our goals at work while having enough time to spend relaxing at home.”

Road maps for workflows that enable consistency with data-entry will give nurses quicker and easier access to real-time data. Patients will notice a difference as nurses will be able to spend less time on data entry and paperwork and more time tending to their needs and building relationships. At Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta, our company Values enable us to provide compassionate, person-centered care that respects individual physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We also value excellence and are committed to delivering the best outcomes and highest quality service through the dedicated efforts of every team member. We are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do and strive to be leaders for others to emulate. We believe Homecare Homebase is a valuable tool that will enable Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta to better deliver these values.