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Visiting Nurse Health System | Hospice Atlanta is in the process of changing its electronic medical records (EMR) to Homecare Homebase, which will provide streamlined, automated processes using cloud-based software. We are implementing this new system for two reasons: 1) to assist with recruiting and retaining quality staff, and, 2) to improve our clinical outcomes with evidence-based pathways. Using innovative technology with tablets and smartphones, our nurses will provide the best care with the tools needed to do their jobs to satisfaction.

By: Gina Epifano, PT, COS-C, Director of Rehabilitation Carl Reiner is well known as an actor, director and comedian. He’s also 95 years old. His recent HBO documentary “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast” is an inquisitive and insightful look into what life is like for people in their 90s. He talks with other famed nonagenarians including Dick Van Dyke, Betty White and Norman Lear, discussing their thoughts and ideas about their own longevity. Dick Van Dyke’s best tip? Keep Moving. He believes so strongly in the importance of maintaining mobility that he has written a book about it.

By: Norene Mostkoff, President & CEO People are social creatures; we crave human connection at some level. Often, the elderly are shut out from the daily hustle and bustle of their family's busy lives. They can get lonely. Recently, a patient reached out to me with a question. After speaking with her, I realized what she really needed was just someone to talk to.

For those of us who love our pets, the thought of having to give them up for any reason is crushing. For the person who is at the end-of-life, giving up a pet may feel especially devastating. Our pets have shared our journey. They might be what gets us up in the morning. They are the soft touchstone in our lives, and they love us unconditionally.