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Many of us simply breathe in and out without thinking too much about it. For the millions of people suffering from respiratory conditions, however, even the simple act of breathing can be challenging. National Respiratory Care Week, which runs from October 25th to the 31st, provides an opportunity to learn more about respiratory conditions and thank members of the respiratory care profession.

National Emergency Nurses Week is soon upon us, with the 2016 celebration spanning from October 9th to 15th. With a series of national and international health crises, emergency nursing is a more critical profession than ever. Learn more about National Emergency Nurses Week and how to celebrate.

On the first Monday in October, the United States celebrates Child Health Day. This day of observance was first celebrated in 1929. Since that time, it has served as an opportunity to recognize the importance of child welfare and the need to provide programs to protect the health and development of all children in the United States.