The Four Pillars Philosophy of Preventing Patient Rehospitalizations

Lynn Adams, RN, BSN
By Lynn Adams, RN, BSN

At Visiting Nurse Health System, our mission is to improve the lives of those we serve. We do that by providing care at home, giving patients the security and comfort of recovery in a familiar environment. Helping patients avoid return trips to the hospital is an important way we fulfill our mission.

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How Do You Become a Candidate for the Clinical Team at Visiting Nurse Health System?

Clinician with patient

Know a nurse who needs a change of scenery? Recruiting highly qualified nurses is one of the most important ways Visiting Nurse maintains the quality of our services and meets the needs of the community.

The process for becoming a home healthcare professional may seem intimidating, but the Visiting Nurse recruitment team makes it easy.

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#ChoosePT as an Alternative to Treat Chronic Pain

Gina Epifano, PT
By Gina Epifano, PT, Director of Rehabilitation, Visiting Nurse

Chronic pain and the use of opioids for chronic pain management have been making headlines in recent months. Statistics show that opioid prescriptions have quadrupled since 1999, with 259 million opioid prescriptions written in 2012. That’s enough for every adult in the United States to have a bottle of pills! Overuse of opioids can lead to overdose, addiction, depression and withdrawal symptoms.

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Year-long Charity Planning

Sarah Matthews, Director of Individual Giving
By Sarah Matthews, Director of Individual Giving

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? How many have you broken already? I decided a few years ago that I was better off not making resolutions per se, but to set forth goals for myself over the next 12 months. I keep them to a maximum of three, and I make them very specific. This year, one of them is to learn to speak Spanish. I am traveling to Spain later this year, and I want to be able to get around easily, so I have taken steps to learn the language.

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What to Expect in 2017

Uncertainty and opportunity. No one has a crystal ball on what changes will come to health care in 2017. (If someone does have a crystal ball, please send me the winning lottery ticket numbers for next Saturday. I prefer the Powerball.)

If you have been on planet Earth for the past few months, you know that beginning January 21, 2017 we will have a new President with a new agenda. In addition to having a Republican in the White House, both houses of Congress have a Republican majority. We do not need a crystal ball to know that there will be changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) often referred to as ObamaCare. We can assume that some changes will be good and some will be not-so-good. That is how policy works.

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Matching Gift Program

circle with match textMatching gift programs are extensions of corporate giving designed to provide a means in which businesses can support employee charitable giving. Like free money for nonprofit organizations, these programs increase the impact of your donor’s contributions. Companies of all sizes match gifts, and some donations can be tripled. Matching gift programs are often available for specific types of nonprofit organizations, including:

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The Importance of CMS Star Ratings

home nurse and man on couchThe Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) uses a five-star quality rating system to measure Medicare beneficiaries’ experience with their healthcare provider. This rating system evaluates the overall performance of the type of services a provider would offer and shows the rating in an easy-to-follow format available online at Home Health Compare.

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Giving Stock to Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta

Stock market price displayIf you’re thinking about making a donation to a non-profit organization, you may want to look through your portfolio before writing that check. That donation might be deducted on your federal income tax return as an itemized deduction. Many donors prefer a stock gift to outright cash because of the tax benefits. This is because some of those stocks may have substantial unrealized gains.

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Charity Helps Ensure Healthcare for Those in Need

Ga Map with medical sign


When you earn too much to receive Medicaid but too little to afford private health insurance, you’re caught between a rock and the emergency room.

It’s a dilemma detailed in journalist Mike King’s book A Spirit of Charity about the fractured funding of America’s public hospitals and clinics, a problem that also results in a lack of home health services for people without insurance.

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