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BlackBaud Security Incident 2020

As a valued supporter and partner of the Visiting Nurse | Hospice Atlanta mission, we wanted to inform you that we were recently notified by Blackbaud, Inc., our third-party vendor, who provides fundraising database management services for nonprofit organizations around the world, including Visiting Nurse Health System (VNHS), that they have discovered and stopped a ransomware attack.

Blackbaud, Inc. reported that they paid the cybercriminal’s demand with confirmation that the information file has been destroyed. After further review by Blackbaud’s Cyber Security team, independent forensics experts and law enforcement, it was determined that prior to locking the cybercriminals out, the attackers were able to remove data from nonprofits, including VNHS, containing donor information.

While a file that contained names and addresses was accessed prior to Blackbaud’s discovery, Blackbaud has assured us that this information was not distributed, and that no personal information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or bank account information was accessed or compromised in this incident.  We have been notified that the file removed may have contained contact and demographic information, and a history of a donor’s relationship with our organization, such as donation dates and amounts.You can read more about Blackbaud’s incident on their webpage:

The security of every one of our valued constituents’ data remains of utmost importance to us, and Blackbaud has assured us they have implemented changes to protect the data from subsequent incidents, and they are continuing to monitor any illegal activity involving this incident.

Although there is no action required on your part, in keeping with VNHS’ values of respect and stewardship, we wanted to be abundantly cautious and inform you of this incident that occurred with our vendor, and that we will continue to monitor this situation.

In the meantime, with your continued partnership, Visiting Nurse Health System | Hospice Atlanta remains focused to continuing to fulfill our mission:

To Improve the Lives of Those We Serve

We value our relationship with you, and all that we have accomplished together. If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 404-215-6172.

Thank You,



Dorothy M. Davis

President and CEO