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Why Private Home Care Now?

By Katie Jones

We are so excited to introduce our expanded private duty service, Private Home Care.  As an organization whose mission is very simply “To improve the lives of those we serve”, increasing our ability to serve families by providing private duty home care allows us to live our mission more fully.

Heal Better at Home

We know that people want to be at home with their families and their own things rather than in a sterile, medicinal environment.  Studies have proven that we heal better at home. Providing Home Healthcare and Hospice at home has given Visiting Nurse|Hospice Atlanta a unique vantage point from which to observe the needs of families who are trying to heal and thrive at home and independently.

Our Visiting Nurse Private Home Care works alongside or independently of any other program to assist a client with activities of daily living (those things that we do each day that are a routine part of our lives).  Examples of activities of daily living include: personal hygiene like showering, dental care, and grooming; meal preparation and assistance with eating; toileting; transportation to appointments or other activities; medication management; exercise; light housework; fall prevention; and companionship.  These are those things that allow us all to feel more like ourselves.

One of our unique offerings with our Private Home Care is our telemonitoring program.  As part of our intake, we will establish for the client and their family, a OneCare profile where we include the nurse designed, personal care plan.  If there are any missed activities or unusual vital signs, our team is notified, and will intervene.  Similarly, the family can be notified of any unusual activity.  This program increases communication and importantly, provides greater awareness of healthcare issues.

As your family considers the right combination of programs and offerings to help your loved one, please call us to discuss this.  We have decades of experience serving families in their home and can help you navigate the right solutions for your family. Visiting Nurse Private Home Care may be just the thing to improve the quality of life for your loved one and peace of mind for you!


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