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On Conquering My Fear of Hospice

By Deborah Buckert, Community Care Clinical Educator

Although People Are Ill, Hospice is Not a Death Sentence

Conquering my fear of hospice was a process that happened over time. Hospice has always been very difficult and complex to grasp. It often equates to end of life, fear of letting go, denial, grief and heartache. As a Visiting Nurse Health System | Hospice Atlanta employee, I quickly seized the opportunity to train in different areas. From Hospice Atlanta, to Home Health and Community Care, I had endless opportunities to grow and learn about home care services. A couple of years into my career at Visiting Nurse, I finally grew the confidence to spend more time at the Hospice Atlanta Center. It was then when I realized that hospice was not a death sentence.  Although it can be so difficult to admit that a loved one is so ill and that the end is nearing. Life is so unpredictable.

Life Circumstances Changed My Perspective of Hospice

As I spent time at work understanding the hospice philosophy, I was faced with the challenge of a family member being admitted into my very own company’s Hospice Atlanta Center. She had made the decision to stop all curative treatment and to seek palliative care but I was prepared. Even more so, I was stronger as I understood that my loved one would be surrounded by a compassionate team of Doctors, Nurses, Chaplains, Aides, Social Workers and Counselors. The same team that I had grown with over the prior years in the workplace. As diverse as her team was, they all shared a common value: compassion —a factor that helped in conquering my fear of hospice.

Embracing End-of-Life Care from Every Angle

Today I am proud of myself for conquering my fear of hospice. Furthermore,  I have embraced end-of-life care as a caregiver, family member and employee. Today I am more compassionate. Saying goodbye and letting go was hard. Saying yes to Visiting Nurse Health System Hospice Atlanta Center was effortless and just right.

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