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I have learned the most important part of any medical services is the people providing it, and I have complete and absolute confidence in Visiting Nurse. I wanted no one other than Visiting Nurse delivering my home health care services.

Charles, Formerly Bedridden Physical Therapy Patient

Our attitude about hospice changed too. Originally we saw it as a way to ease the transition to her death, but it became all about helping her live and thrive.

Jerry, Father of Pediatric Patient Nora

Camp STARS is the best thing we have experienced in the process of healing and adapting to a new normal. It was wonderful and we are so thankful!

Family at Camp STARS Bereavement Camp

Visiting Nurse offers a great deal of relief to the family. I would encourage anyone to give deep consideration to donate money to this organization.

Bill, Long-Time Donor to Our Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Respite Program

Being able to have mother come here is a godsend for us. With both of us working, there is no way we could care for her at home and we were not happy with the nursing facilities we looked at before choosing Hospice Atlanta Center.

Son of Hospice Patient

Both my husband and I have witnessed our health care system and the difficulty maneuvering through it as a result of a very long journey being hospitalized. We are so aware of its shortcomings and the uncertainty. But if it is of any consolation we are forever thankful to Visiting Nurse for all the services you provided for us


Although it has been almost two months since my mother’s death, I felt the need to express my heartfelt thanks and admiration for your mission, your organization and, especially, your personnel.


Letters of Appreciation

We want to thank everyone at Visiting Nurse Health system who participated in the care of our father. We also appreciate all the services provided by Hospice Atlanta during our father’s final days at home where he passed on peacefully as he had wished. Sincerely,


Aita, Andy and Frank P.

My grandmother was put on hospice 5 days ago. The teams that we have met have been excellent. They were very up front with us about my grandmother’s symptoms and what would come next. The nurse contacted me several times throughout the week to check in on us. The aide was very sweet and came every day to help up bathe and keep my grandmother comfortable. When we needed supplies, they were here that day (or night). This is an excellent company and I would recommend them to everyone who needs home hospice care!


Carrie H.

Patient Stories

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Visiting Nurse Health System for the wonderful care, compassion and dedication my family has received in help caring for my mother.

Five years ago I was in an impossible situation. With three young children of my own, I was faced with caring for my mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and helping my 82-year-old father transition into this life-changing situation. Just trying to understand what was happening and how I was going to manage this was beyond overwhelming. Dealing with the grief of losing my mom to this disease made it even more stressful.

Fortunately, a very good friend recommended Visiting Nurse’s Long-Term Care at Home program. Visiting Nurse provided insight, knowledge, compassion, and an amazing team who provide my mom with excellent care. Thanks to the team, my parents are still in their home, and are doing well. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have been able to manage all of this without their help – they all are indeed a blessing, and I am so very grateful.

Thank you again for help making a stressful and life-changing situation manageable for our family.


Jennie J.