Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Redefining The Palliative Care Movement

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Together with our physician partners, Resurgia Health Solutions’ house-call medical practice, JenCare Senior Medical Center, Dispatch Health1st Care  Management, Visiting Nurse’s Palliative Care Program is redefining the palliative care movement.

From the comfort and privacy of the place you call home, this Palliative Care Program carefully evaluates your individual health care needs over time, offering every level of medical care and support. The Palliative Care Program of Visiting Nurse Health System offers you, our patients, a complete choice for home-based health care services designed to support you in all stages of your health care journey.

Necessary to your improving the quality of your life while confronting an advanced or life-limiting illness, our Palliative Care Program is a patient-centered, integrated approach to treat, educate, support and comfort each patient, addressing not only the physical symptoms, but the emotional and spiritual challenges as well.  By combining both active and compassionate therapies, this program is administered by an integrated team of experienced professionals who support both the patients and their families.

If you or a loved one is in the Atlanta area and need palliative care, call us at (404) 869-3000 for more information about Visiting Nurse’s Palliative Care Program.