Home Healthcare

Remote Monitoring

If you suffer from any of a number of chronic conditions, including congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or hypertension, our remote monitoring can allow you to keep track of your vital signs, weight and oxygen levels on a daily basis. You get to stay at home while doctors and nurses remotely check your overall health. The result — improved health, reduced hospital admissions and more peace of mind.

Between visits from your home healthcare nurse, you check your own vital signs — including blood pressure, heart rate, weight and oxygen levels — with the help of a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use device installed in your home. With the click of a button, the information is sent to a specially trained clinician at our office. If the clinician notices any significant or troubling changes, she notifies your regular home health nurse and, if needed, your doctor for additional follow up.

A recent patient satisfaction survey of remotely monitored patients showed that an overwhelming 90 percent reported feeling more connected to their home healthcare provider and their doctor. Our state-of-the-art technology allows patients to use our remote monitoring system even if they do not have a phone line in their home. We offer this disease management service knowing that remote monitoring and other technologies can augment, but never replace, the personal touch of a skilled and caring medical case management nurse.