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Visiting Nurse Health System’s compassionate caregivers have developed a reputation for going the extra mile for our patients and their families. We provide patient-centered care in your home or the place you call home in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding 26-county area.


The senior population is particularly vulnerable to receiving fragmented, episodic healthcare involving a repeat cycle of hospital emergency room visits, brief inpatient stays, and rapid decline leading to another hospitalization and eventual nursing home placement. Through the breadth of the services we provide, we are working to stop this cycle and offer our patients a seamless continuum of care in their homes as their medical needs change. Patients may enter the Visiting Nurse continuum of care at the point determined by their physician to most appropriately match their needs.

Long-Term Care at Your Home

Our trusted team of registered nurses and social workers provide long-term home healthcare management on two levels – one for those with functional impairments who require a nursing-home level of care and one for the elderly/seniors who can still live independently with some help. Visiting Nurse also offers a physician house-call service providing primary and interim care for homebound patients.

For those with functional impairments who qualify for nursing-home level support services, we arrange for an assessment to determine their needs and coordinate services to meet those needs, whether they be physical, social, environmental or emotional. These services might include: home-delivered meals; homemaker tasks such as cleaning, cooking and laundry; personal care such as assistance in bathing, grooming and dressing; an emergency response device; and, adult day care and respite care to provide a break for caregivers. We can also arrange for placement in a personal care home for patients who need 24-hour care.

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Home Healthcare Following a Hospital Stay or Surgery

Our skilled nursing services allow you to remain at home while receiving the nursing care you need to recuperate. We focus on your independence and provide the highest level of technical expertise, competence and compassion to ensure your recovery.

Skilled nursing at home is the perfect choice if you have been discharged from the hospital but still need healthcare professionals to help you to get back to your normal daily activities. Older adults or people with disabilities who want to remain independent in their homes, as well as people of any age who are chronically or terminally ill, are ideal candidates for skilled nursing.

We provide healthcare at home for patients with a broad range of medical needs, from simple antibiotic injections to complex treatments.

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For patients seeking rehabilitations services, our physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and nurses can explain what to expect and help you get back on your feet while you recover at home.

Our skilled clinicians conduct a comprehensive assessment, create a personalized exercise plan, do home safety assessments, identify the need for and recommend assistive devices and safety equipment, manage anticoagulation therapy and, when needed, remove sutures and staples – all in the comfort of your own home. Through our healthcare coordination program, we work hand-in-hand with your physician to organize your care and give you the services you require for a healthy recovery.

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Palliative Care

While hospice is the most prevalent form of palliative care, many patients are not ready or medically appropriate to take that step and prefer to continue curative treatment. Palliative care can help to improve quality of life and assist with management of bothersome symptoms related to the illness.

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Hospice Care

We provide patient-centered hospice and palliative care that helps those with a life-limiting illness and their families live as fully as possible. We provide physical, emotional and spiritual support aimed at giving you and your loved ones comfort and dignity in life’s final stage.

Most patients are cared for in their own home. However, our hospice care team can also care for you or your loved one in a nursing home, assisted living community, or the place you call home, including Hospice Atlanta Center.

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Grief and Bereavement Support

Our bereavement services offer support to family members and friends after the death of their loved one. These services are available to the greater Atlanta community, whether or not the patient was in our care.

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